Unlocking Canadian Dreams: A Guide to Transcripts for WES

Written by World Document Services Apr 13, 2024

Transcript Evaluation from WES

Canada, a beacon for countless young aspirants from around the globe, continues to rank as a top destination for education and immigration. Recognized for its unparalleled educational standards and welcoming immigration policies, Canada is a dream for many from India, China, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and beyond. For those eyeing a promising career in Canada, understanding the nuances of Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) and the transcript application process is crucial. World Document Services is here to illuminate your path to Canadian universities and career opportunities.

Decoding Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Express Entry

An ECA is your golden key to ensuring that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate is recognized as equivalent to Canadian standards. Essential for immigration, an ECA validates the authenticity of your educational documents, a critical step for those planning to move to Canada for education, work, or permanent residency.

Who Needs an ECA?

Anyone looking to validate their educational achievements from abroad, be it for academic, visa, or Canada PR purposes, requires an ECA report. This report is a testament to the genuineness of your educational documents as per Canadian standards.

How to Obtain an ECA?

While you could approach your university, this might delay your application. World Document Services offers a streamlined solution: we’ll verify your documents with the university registrar and send them to your chosen ECA within 24 hours!

Understanding Your ECA Report

Your ECA report reflects your academic records, standardizing them according to the guidelines of your prospective Canadian institution or employer.

Submitting Your Report

You can opt to send your report directly to your ECA from the university or utilize World Document Services to electronically dispatch your documents, ensuring a swift and secure submission.

WES: Bridging International Education and Canadian Dreams

World Education Services (WES), a non-profit established in 1974, specializes in evaluating academic credentials earned outside Canada and the United States. Recognized by the Government of Ontario, WES facilitates the mobility and integration of international students and professionals into the Canadian educational system and workforce.

When to Apply for a WES Review?

Initiate your WES application as soon as you have your final degree and university documents. WES scores are valid for five years, applicable for study, job, or PR applications.

Sending Transcripts to WES for Verification

World Document Services simplifies the process of sending transcripts to WES:

 1. WES Online Application: Complete the application on the WES portal and note your reference number.
 2. Document Requirements: Review and prepare the necessary documents as specified by WES for your country of education.
 3. WES Account and Payment: Create your account on WES and proceed with the payment, selecting the type of report you require.
 4. Direct Dispatch from University: World Document Services ensures your transcripts are sent directly from your university to WES, adhering to all requirements

Why Choose World Document Services?

Navigating the Canadian immigration landscape and the ECA process can be daunting. World Document Services stands as your trusted partner, ensuring your transcripts and ECA applications are handled efficiently, accurately, and swiftly.


Embarking on your Canadian dream begins with the right preparation and understanding of the ECA and transcript process. With World Document Services, you’re not just applying; you’re setting the stage for success in Canada.

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