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Secure Your Birth Certificate with Ease through World Document Services

A birth certificate stands as a foundational document, bearing testimony to the onset of your journey in this world. It’s your primary identification marker, issued shortly after you’re born.

The Process to Obtain Your Birth Certificate in India

Birth Registration

If your birth was duly registered, acquiring your certificate is straightforward. Consult the Registrar of Births and Deaths, furnishing essential details like your birth date, parents’ names, and the hospital of birth, if applicable. Some regions in India have even digitized old registrations, allowing you to effortlessly search online(1).

No Entry? Seek a Non-Availability Certificate

If there’s no trace of your birth registration, secure a non-availability certificate as evidence of the missing record(1).

Late Registration of Birth

If your birth wasn’t registered initially, there’s a procedure to retrospectively record it. Births unreported for over a year require registration approval from a Magistrate. While some states mandate judicial magistrates’ directives, most lean on executive magistrates, like SDMs. Since their primary task is verifying the authenticity of provided details, there isn’t a strict documentation requirement(2)

World Document Services – Your Birth Certificate Facilitator

Facing challenges in securing your birth certificate? Turn to World Document Services. We specialize in simplifying intricate procedures, ensuring you receive your authentic birth certificate right at your doorstep without any hitches.


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