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Refund Scenarios

Refund Applicable

Client request for cancellation of order within10 days of placing order, provided that no application has been filed by World document services with the concerned Board/University/College/Institutions, by then. A standard deduction of 10% from the Processing charges and no refund on GST.
Full Refund of Shipping charges and University Cost.
If the concerned college/university/institution is found to be shut down operations or does not exist or do not issue the particular Academic or Education related documents as sought by the requestor, for any reason whatsoever, and upon getting a written communication to this effect, from World document services, the requestor asking for refund.

In such case, the client will be liable for 75% refund of processing charges, complete refund of university charges and shipping and no refund on GST.


If the documents are not provided by the client and the client requests to cancel or stop the application within 48 hours. A standard deduction of a minimum 1000/- INR as the consultation fees or 10% deduction of PC whichever is higher will take place.
After filing of application with concerned Board/University/College/Institutions or submission of additional information or documents, as sought from time to time, delay in closure of case/order beyond 120 days from the date of placing order. Applicable for a refund of 25% of the Processing Cost. Full refund of Shipping Charges. The fees and extra cost (if any) paid to the concerned Board/University/College/Institutions will not be refunded.
If there is any correction in any of the documents submitted by the client or additional documents requirement from the university and the client wants to stop the case. No refund shall be applicable to the client.
In case the service requester has provided incomplete documents or lack of information and the university has kept the application on hold and the client claims for refund.

No refund shall be applicable.


If in any case, the documents provided by the client/ service requester are found to be in genuine or fake. The requester will not be liable for any refund and World document services are not liable to provide any written proof of the same.
If the service requester is not responding on mails for the information requested by service provider or for whatsoever reason the client is not responding. World document services team will send 3 reminder mails, following which the case will be on hold and after 90 days it will be closed. The reinitiation of the same would require the requester to pay 25% of the processing charges additional.
The client reaches to the university or communicates to the university without any prior intimation to world document services.

In such case, world document services will no further work on that application and will close the application with no refund to the requester.


If the service provider has requested for the university fees or any additional charges and the client wants to stop the Case. No refund is liable.

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