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ECA Services for Degree Evaluation

ECA Services for Degree Evaluation

When seeking a Canadian equivalent for your degrees, reputable ECA bodies like WES (1), IQAS (2), ICAS (3), CES (4), and more are your trusted partners. It’s important to note that any training received within Canada doesn’t necessitate an ECA. If you’ve multiple post-secondary degrees, usually, only the highest degree needs evaluation. To maximize your CRS points potential in the Express Entry pool, consider evaluating all your credentials.

Understanding Mark Sheet and Transcripts

Understanding Mark Sheet and Transcripts

A Marksheet serves as tangible evidence of your examination performance, reflecting your scores. On the other hand, transcripts are detailed records maintained by educational institutions, encapsulating every exam undertaken. These are indispensable at both high school and university tiers. Many universities demand sealed transcripts for postgraduate applications. Needing representation? World Document Services can act on your behalf, streamlining the application and delivery process, ensuring you receive your transcripts digitally or via physical mail as per your requirement.

Simplified Transcript Services with World Document Services

Simplified Transcript Services with World Document Services

Securing your transcripts is a breeze with World Document Services. Bid adieu to lengthy documentation processes and repetitive university visits. We’re armed with up-to-date university requirements and protocols. Our transparent liaison with universities and candidates ensures precision every step of the way. Recognizing the mutual benefits, we’ve positioned ourselves as the pivotal digital bridge between universities and transcript-seeking students, promising a hassle-free, swift, and secure experience.



What is Medium of Instruction (MOI)?

The Medium of Instruction (MOI) (1) is pivotal in understanding one's educational journey. In India, with English gaining popularity as a school language, many students miss out on native language education. Thanks to the National Education Policy 2020, this is changing.

In countries like the US, English dominates classrooms. Immigrants need proficiency in it to integrate seamlessly. Conversely, methods like bilingual education might employ various instruction mediums.

MOI Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

MOI Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

  • Definition: An MOI certificate officially recognizes the language used during your education. It’s essential for international employment, travel, and permanent residency.
  • Issuer: Universities or colleges grant this certificate. Candidates request it through formal applications. Many educational bodies even mention the medium on diplomas or degrees.
  • Necessity: MOI not only validates your education language but also aids:
    1. International university admissions.
    2. Visa application for employment.
    3. Exempts from certain language proficiency tests.

How to Procure MOI with World Document Services?

World Document Services simplifies your MOI acquisition. We validate your credentials, attain attestations, and swiftly forward them to your chosen ECA.

Submit an inquiry on our site.


Share your educational credentials.


We'll liaise with your university for MOI.


Your MOI is sent to the desired ECA.


Why Choose Us?

Dedicated profile manager.

Top-notch document security.


Real-time updates.

Competitive pricing.

WhatsApp support.

Partnerships with major ECA bodies.

Application Steps

Obtain a university authorization letter.


Fill our form with your document scans.


Typically, MOI reaches you in 25-30 working days.


Regularly liaise with your university.

Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Juggling professional duties and personal commitments can make MOI procurement daunting. World Document Services exists to simplify this. With our seasoned experts, get your MOI seamlessly from your alma mater. Remember:

  • Provide attested document scans.
  • An English-medium academic background often negates the need for IELTS/TOEFL.
  • Some universities might not issue an MOI; we can step in!
  • MOI format varies per institution.

Trust in World Document Services

Our credibility stems from 13 years in document procurement, affiliations with 800+ universities, and partnerships with 12+ evaluation bodies. We promise verified transcripts delivery, often within 24 hours. Let us be your trusted document facilitator.


Trust in World Document Services

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