How to Get Transcripts From Rajasthan Technical University (RTU)?

Written by World Document Services Mar 17, 2024

Rajasthan Technical University Transcripts

In the heart of Rajasthan, Kota, lies the prestigious Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), a beacon of technical education since its inception in 2006 by the Government of Rajasthan. Nestled on Rawatbhata Road, RTU has become synonymous with excellence, offering a plethora of courses across various technical disciplines. With over 1.5 lakh students enrolled in its affiliated colleges, RTU’s mission to enhance the technical landscape of Rajasthan and India is more vibrant than ever.

Exploring the Academic Vista at RTU

RTU’s academic repertoire is vast, encompassing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in fields like Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, and Hotel Management. Its curriculum is designed to foster innovation, research, and development, preparing students to meet global challenges head-on. From Agriculture Engineering to Nano-Technology, and from Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) to Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT), RTU offers courses that are both diverse and in-depth.

Affiliated Colleges: A Network of Excellence

The university’s affiliation extends to 68 Engineering Colleges, 3 B.Arch Colleges, 16 MCA Colleges, and more, creating a robust network that fuels technical education and research across the state. This extensive affiliation underscores RTU’s pivotal role in shaping the future of technical education in Rajasthan.

Why Transcripts from RTU Matter?

Transcripts are crucial documents, especially for students and alumni looking to venture abroad for higher education, employment, or immigration purposes. They serve as an official record of your academic performance, meticulously detailing your grades, courses, and degrees earned, stamped and sealed by the university.

Navigating the Transcript Procurement Process with World Document Services

Obtaining transcripts from RTU can be a daunting task, fraught with bureaucratic hurdles and time-consuming processes. This is where World Document Services steps in, offering a streamlined, hassle-free solution to secure your RTU transcripts.

Required Documents for RTU Transcripts

Before embarking on your transcript request, ensure you have the following documents ready:

• All Year/Semester Mark sheets, including 10th and 12th
• Degree/Passing Certificate
• Consolidated mark sheet
• Provisional Certificate
• WES/IQAS Form (if applicable)
• Aadhar Card/ Passport as ID proof

The World Document Services Advantage

1. Simplified Online Application: Forget the cumbersome process of visiting the university. World Document Services offers an easy online application form, ensuring your request is processed swiftly.

2. Comprehensive Document Handling: From mark sheets to degree certificates, we manage all necessary documentation, ensuring nothing is amiss.

3. End-to-End Assistance: Our services extend beyond mere transcript procurement. Whether it’s E-transcripts, duplicate mark sheets, or embassy attestations, World Document Services covers all bases.

4. Global Partnerships: Our affiliations with verification bodies like ECE, CES, and WES streamline the evaluation process, making your transcripts globally recognized.

How to Apply for RTU Transcripts through World Document Services

1. Submit an Inquiry: Start by filling out our online enquiry form, detailing your requirements.

2. Document Submission: Upload all required documents through our secure portal.

3. Relax and Wait: Once your documents are submitted, our team takes over, ensuring your transcripts are processed and ready for dispatch.

Why Trust World Document Services?

With years of expertise in document procurement and a deep understanding of university protocols, World Document Services stands as your trusted ally in navigating the complexities of obtaining RTU transcripts. Our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction ensures that your academic records reach you or your designated institutions safely and swiftly.


As you set your sights on global opportunities, let World Document Services be your bridge to success. Securing transcripts from Rajasthan Technical University is no longer a challenge but a smooth, straightforward process with us by your side. Embrace your future with confidence, knowing that your RTU transcripts are in capable hands.


Q: How long does it take to obtain RTU transcripts through World Document Services?
A: While processing times can vary, our streamlined operations typically ensure a quicker turnaround than direct applications to the university.

Q: Can World Document Services expedite my transcript request for urgent applications?
A: Yes, we offer expedited services for urgent requests. Contact our team to discuss your specific needs.

Embark on your journey with World Document Services today and unlock the door to global opportunities with your RTU transcripts.

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