How to Get Transcripts From Jai Narayan Vyas University?

Written by World Document Services Mar 15, 2024

Jai Narayan Vyas University Transcripts

About Jai Narayan Vyas University (JNVU)

In 1962, Jodhpur University was renamed as Jai Narain Vyas University. Situated in the Northwestern part of India, this city is nicknamed the “Blue City” due to its azure houses that surround a magnificent fort, which lures tourists from all over the world.

The UGC has recognized JNVU Jodhpur, a publicly owned co-ed institution that sprawls across more than 500 acres of land. Its aim is to revolutionize people’s lives by providing excellent education and programs focused on socio-economic and scientific development. It offers an array of Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses in fields such as BA Bcom Honors, Bpharma, Bsc MBA M.phil Phd LLM & numerous other areas for students looking to enhance their knowledge base!

Examining the Varied Academic Offerings of JNVU in Depth

JNVU’s mission is centered around a broad spectrum of programs that aim to meet the diverse aspirations of each student. Ranging from liberal arts to engineering, and business management to pharmaceutical sciences, the university provides an extensive collection comprising undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate and doctoral degree options. Below are some featured offerings:

Faculty of Arts: Immerse yourself in the richness of history, languages and literature with the Faculty of Arts. Develop a deep understanding and admiration for cultural diversity and human creativity.

Faculty of Science: The Faculty of Science encourages an inquisitive and innovative mindset by exploring the marvels of the natural world, spanning from physics to biology.

Faculty of Commerce & Management: Enhance your expertise in business, economics and management with the Faculty of Commerce & Management. This will prepare you to handle the intricacies of the worldwide marketplace by providing relevant skills.

The Faculty of Engineering & Architecture: Offers an opportunity to interact with state-of-the-art technology and learn sustainable design strategies, equipping individuals for a prospective role in leading innovation.

The Faculty of Law: Offers a comprehensive study of legal systems, ethics, and justice to foster the development of future defenders and advocates.

Process of a University

1. Visit the University
2. Submit application for Transcript
3. Submit the required documents (Marksheets, Degree, Government Id proof)
4. Make Payment
5. Await processing
6. Follow up as needed.
7. Collection of Transcript.


The charges range from 2000 to 3000 INR.

Additional fees are applicable for ECA Form attestation.

Required Documents

• Marksheets for all Semesters/Yearly
• Marksheets of Backlog (If Any)
• Degree Certificate
• Government Identification- Aadhar card or Passport
• Application Form for ECA

Extending Beyond Academics: A Holistic Educational Experience

At JNVU, students don’t just receive rigorous academic training; they are also exposed to a comprehensive experience that shapes them into versatile individuals poised to leave their mark on the world. From an array of clubs and societies to sports teams, there is no shortage of avenues through which learners can explore their passions, acquire fresh abilities as well as form lasting bonds with fellow scholars.

Expanding International Links and Prospects

The alumni network of JNVU spans the world, facilitating international collaborations, research prospects and career paths. With its strong ties to industry and academia, the university empowers students and graduates to effectively tackle global challenges.

World Document Services recognizes the crucial significance of punctual and precise documentation when pursuing higher education or professional possibilities overseas. To alleviate graduates’ anxieties, our service employs a seamless and lucid method for acquiring transcripts and attestations, allowing JNVU’s alumni to concentrate on realizing their ambitions with confidence in our proficient handling of their paperwork needs.

Seamless Documentation with World Document Services

World Document Services recognizes the crucial significance of prompt and precise documentation in pursuing advanced education and career prospects overseas. Thus, it provides an effective procedure for acquiring transcripts and attestations with complete transparency. This convenient service reassures graduates of JNVU that their essential documentation requirements are being managed by experienced professionals so they can devote attention to achieving success without distressing about procedural obstacles.

1) Turn around Time – With the elimination of multiple University visits and absence of travel time for the candidate, coupled with expertise of our team the timeline for obtaining transcripts is significantly reduced.

2) Our App – Stay updated on your application’s progress with our convenient application, giving you access to all your case details round the clock on your device.

3) Our experienced resources– Our knowledgeable and skilled resources serve as our key differentiator, assisting in reducing the timeline specified by the University, ultimately saving applicants time.

Conclusion: A Journey of Discovery & Growth.

Jai Narain Vyas University is widely recognized for its commitment to fostering upcoming academics and influencers, a distinction that remains unparalleled. World Document Services offers customized solutions to ensure these talented individuals face no impediments in pursuing their global aspirations, particularly when it comes to achieving seamless documentation.

Jai Narain Vyas University sees education as an expedition of exploration, development and metamorphosis. With our sustained backing for both present students and former ones through World Document Services, we welcome you to accompany us on this path. Collaboratively, we can accomplish exceptional feats.

World Document Services

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