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JNTU Kakinada Transcripts: A Comprehensive Guide with World Document Services

Set against the rich backdrop of Kakinada, an esteemed city of political and cultural knowledge, stands the renowned Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Kakinada. Its origin as the ‘College of Engineering, Vizagpatnam’ in 1946, transitioning to an integral part of JNTU in 1972, and its subsequent independence by 2003, showcases the institution’s rich legacy.

JNTU Kakinada Transcripts

A Glimpse into JNTU Kakinada and Kakinada City

Situated in the sprawling port city of Kakinada, JNTU boasts a 100-acre green campus. Initially affiliated with Andhra University, JNTU Kakinada has become a beacon of innovation, fostering Research and Development and introducing E-classrooms across its Engineering Departments.

Kakinada, previously known as Cocanada, stands as one of the largest cities in the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. This bustling city acts as the headquarters for the region, only second in population to Rajahmundry.

Diverse Courses Offered at JNTU Kakinada

From Civil Engineering to the niche Aeronautical and Bio-Medical Engineering, JNTU offers a plethora of courses catering to diverse engineering enthusiasts. This versatility, combined with its tie-ups with colleges like Aditya Inst Of Tech & Manag, Tekkali and University College of Engineering, Vizianagaram, further emphasizes its educational prowess.

JNTU Kakinada 

What Sets JNTU Apart

  • Student-Centered Learning: Embracing participatory methods, JNTU ensures every student is actively engaged.
  • Interactive Approaches: With tools like group discussions, seminars, and presentations, learning is beyond traditional lectures.
  • Leadership Through Role Models: Regular interactions with industry leaders, professionals, and successful alumni offer invaluable insights and inspirations.


Obtaining Transcripts from JNTU Kakinada

Here’s a process to secure your transcripts:

  1. Submit essential documents at the University.
  2. Pay the requisite fee.
  3. Expect your transcripts within 40-45 working days.


Documents Required:

  • Yearly/Semester mark sheets
  • Consolidated mark sheet
  • Degree and Provisional Certificates
  • ECA Form
  • Valid ID proof


World Document Services: Your Ally in the Process

While the traditional method is straightforward, World Document Services offers a more streamlined approach. With services like Mark Sheet Transcripts, E-transcripts, Duplicate Mark Sheets & Degree Certificate, Embassy Attestations, and more, they simplify the procedure.

Through their portal, World Document Services Enquiry Form, one can easily apply online, ensuring a hassle-free experience. In partnership with verification bodies such as ECE, CES, AICE, and more, World Document Services promises ease, efficiency, and expertise in obtaining your transcripts from JNTU Kakinada.



With its esteemed history and dedication to fostering innovation, JNTU Kakinada stands as a premier institution for engineering enthusiasts. And when it comes to facilitating seamless document services, World Document Services is your trusted partner.

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