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Bangalore University: The Beacon of Higher Education in India’s Silicon Valley

Nestled in the bustling heart of India’s tech capital, Bangalore University (BU) has been a cornerstone of academic excellence. A legacy institution, BU continues to cultivate the brightest minds amidst the backdrop of Bangalore’s progressive and vibrant tech-driven culture.

Bangalore University

Historic Legacy

Founded in 1964, Bangalore University has its roots deeply embedded in the rich academic tradition. Splitting from Mysore University, BU emerged with a vision to provide unparalleled higher education in India’s then emerging tech hub, a mission it continues to fulfill.

Diverse Courses and Global Recognition: BU’s academic repertoire is vast, encompassing Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, and more. Its world-class faculty, research-driven approach, and commitment to innovation have garnered global recognition, drawing international students and scholars alike.


World Document Services and Bangalore University Collaboration

For BU’s vast alumni and the current student base eyeing global opportunities, World Document Services acts as the trusted bridge. Simplifying the intricacies of global academic and professional applications, World Document Services stands as an invaluable ally.


Online Transcript Services

One of the many challenges BU alumni face is procuring academic transcripts, especially when deadlines loom large. World Document Services eradicates this challenge, offering swift and efficient online transcript services tailored for Bangalore University graduates.

Bangalore University 

Document Procedures & Facilitation

With a plethora of services meticulously designed for BU students and alumni, World Document Services offers:

  • Mark Sheet Transcripts
  • Electronic Transcripts
  • Duplicate Certificates & Degree Attestation
  • Embassy & HRD Attestations


Transcript Process for Bangalore University

  • Document Collation: Gather essential documents including semester mark sheets, provisional and degree certificates, and a valid ID.
    Online Submission: Initiate the transcript process on World Document Services’ intuitive portal.
  • Fee Remittance: A stipulated fee, defined by BU, is payable through various online avenues provided.
  • Wait Period: Bangalore University usually processes and sends out transcripts in around 20-30 working days.
  • Secure Dispatch: Rely on World Document Services for a safe and punctual delivery of your transcripts, right to your designated address.



Bangalore University, a symbol of academic prowess in the Silicon Valley of India, remains a top choice for many pursuing higher education. With World Document Services by its side, the journey from BU to global opportunities becomes seamless, reinforcing BU’s commitment to its students’ global aspirations.

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