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Effortless IQAS Transcript Evaluation Through World Document Services

At World Document Services, we take pride in our partnership with IQAS (International Qualification Assessment Service), streamlining the process for individuals seeking recognition of their educational qualifications outside Canada. IQAS evaluates foreign education against Canadian standards, vital for educational institutions, employers, and professional licensing bodies in Canada.

Our Role in Your IQAS Evaluation Journey: Leveraging our expertise with IQAS’s comprehensive evaluation system, we guide you through every step, ensuring your credentials are accurately compared to Canadian standards.

Services Enhanced by Our IQAS Partnership : We provide a broad spectrum of services in collaboration with IQAS, covering sectors like arts, culture, business, economy, education, training, and more, ensuring your qualifications are recognized where it matters most.

Simplified Application Process with World Document Services

1. Understanding IQAS Requirements: Our experts explain IQAS’s criteria and process.

2.Cost and Processing Time: The standard fee is $200, with additional courier charges based on your location. While multiple evaluations don’t incur extra costs, they may extend processing times.

3. Evaluation Eligibility: We help identify if your credentials meet IQAS’s evaluation standards. Ineligible credentials include non-verifiable or unrecognized ones from certain programs or institutions.

4.Document Preparation Assistance: We assist in preparing and digitizing necessary documents for your online application.

5. Transcript Submission Guidance: We recommend submitting electronic transcripts or those directly from the issuing authority for authenticity.

6. Completing the Online Application: Our team guides you in filling out and submitting the online application with all essential documents.

Choose World Document Services for Your IQAS Needs: Perfect Synchrony for India: As a trusted partner of IQAS, World Document Services excels in making the transcript evaluation process more accessible and understandable. We are experts in handling Electronic Transcripts, ensuring your evaluation and verification with IQAS are conducted seamlessly. Our commitment is to simplify the IQAS procedure, address all your queries, and deliver a hassle-free experience.

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